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Livestreaming Anti-Oppression in the Performing Arts

Lavie Williams leads our next LAB: A two hour learning session guiding performers to consider how whiteness, tokenization, appropriation and allyship manifest in their arts practices.

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Current Project

Hidden Histories is a collaborative project that seeks to creatively present selected underrepresented historical figures and stories using narrative, descriptions, sound and circus-inspired movement. We are currently developing Phase 1: an experimental audiovisual piece that features creative ASL stories and interpretations, and enhancements for blind and partially sighted audiences.

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Press for Our House

By: Peter Hendra

''Tracey Guptill was thumbing through a copy of the Queen’s Alumni Review when she came across a picture on the Letters to the Editor page that caught her eye. It was of a woman wearing a skirt and heels, her left hand pinching together the lapels of her coat, her right holding a placard with the words “Towards peace” as she stood near the corner of Barrie and Union streets...''

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