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Shows: List

When I Get There

@Modern Fuel

Directed by: Liam Karry
& Kim Renders

Choreography by: Jane Kirby

Starring: Tracey Guptill, Alexander Oliver, Tiana Prince, Alex Richardson, Lindsay Rodgers

Movers: Andrew Burrows, Meredith Dault, Karen Raddon, Dale Tracy

Music designed and performed by: David Parker

Anybody Can Be Pussy Riot

@the Storefront Festival

Starring: Rebecca Benson, Tracey Guptill and PELT, with guest appearances by: Anna Sudac, Alex Montagnese, Gabriela Petrov and Kala Seraphin
Interviewees: Brea Hutchinson, Kara Braun, Tara Kainer, Meredith Dault, Lisa Figge, Aric McBay, Jenni O'Neil, Georgina Riel, Kayley Marsh and Pamela Cross

Our House

@The Grad Club

Starring: Liam Bidmead, Tracey Guptill, Mariah Horner, and Kay Kenney

Movement: Kay Kenney 
Sound Design: Liam Bidmead ​
Production and Stage Manager: Connor Price-Kelleher
Lighting Design: Rachel Shaen

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