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Uncovering - stage 1

Uncovering - 1: Image
Photo By: Michelle Peek Photography, courtesy of Bodies in Translation: U of Guelph

A co-presentation with the Circus Kingston Collective, Uncovering - stage 1 is a video collaboration featuring artists connected to Kingston, ON.
Combining drumming, singing, circus arts, story-telling, dance, poetry, sign language and voice, we uncover stories of activism, Black joy, Deaf history, Indigenous thanks and grief, Mad and Disabled horror stories, and reflections from a Japanese student’s perspective. The artists are mostly new to digital work and have adapted their typical live performance modalities to work within our current pandemic reality. 

On December 16th we shared this work via livestream. Thanks to HowlRound Theatre Commons, you can watch it here.

Uncovering - 1: News
Uncovering - 1: Meet the Team
Colourful photo Alexa, a young white woman with long blonde hair

Alexa Hickox

Storyteller with Deaf Spirit Theatre

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