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When I Get There

co created with creative exploration by: Shelby Cunliffe, Tiffany Cheung, Alex Hanes, Liam Karry, Jane Kirby, Felicia LaTour, Dale Tracy, Mark Vardy

LABs led by: Meredith Dault, Emily Murphy, Jane Kirby and Erin Ball, Kim Renders, Jennifer Turner, Andrew Burrows, Tracey Guptill


Directed by: Liam Karry & Choreographed by: Jane Kirby

Starring: Tracey Guptill, Alexander Oliver, Tiana Prince, Alex Richardson, Lindsay Rodgers.

Movers: Andrew Burrows, Meredith Dault, Karen Raddon, Dale Tracey

Music designed and performed by: David Parker

supervised by: John Lazarus and Dr. Mick Smith

When I Get There - Performance (4).JPG
Alex and David
When I Get There: About Us
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